City of culture

Duisburg boasts a diverse, metropolitan cultural scene every evening. Whether you are a fan of high culture or prefer the smaller gigs in the cool clubs, you will soon find the right stage in Duisburg. There are also high-calibre festivals catering to the tastes of people from all walks of life.

Metropolitan cultural life

At Duisburg Theatre, situated centrally on König-Heinrich-Platz, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and theatre and ballet companies regularly celebrate inspiring premieres. The Mercatorhalle at the CityPalais, located just next door, is home to the internationally acclaimed Duisburg Philharmoniker. Numerous clubs and event bars across the city play host to cabaret and live music. A popular meeting place for those on the cultural scene is the Steinhof in Huckingen and especially the venues around Dellplatz in the city. This is where the cabaret theatre known as Die Säule can be found, along with the city’s filmforum municipal cinema.