Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

This is industrial heritage: where workers once toiled, more than one million visitors every year now party, climb, dive and ramble. A disused ironworks has been transformed into a city oasis.

One of the world’s finest parks

Guests can set off on their own voyage of discovery or explore the site as part of an ironworks tour or torchlight tour. Europe’s biggest artificial diving centre has been built in an old gasometer, alpine climbing gardens have been created in ore storage bunkers, a casting house has been turned into a high ropes course and a defunct furnace is now a viewing tower. The highlight shines every evening, when a light installation bathes the monument site in light and colour. Best of all, the park is open around the clock and entry is free.

The Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord (Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord) is all about leisure, recreation, sport and culture. There is a circular industry trail with information on the past and present. Nature is also flourishing, having reclaimed its terrain from heavy industry in the form of gardens, meadows and stretches of water. Children and young people see the Landschaftspark as one huge adventure playground. There is a giant tunnel slide between two ore bunkers, an open hall for trend sports such as skating and mountain biking, lots of play areas and even an educational farm with horses, donkeys and hens.

Impressions from the Landschaftspark

Play area with giant tunnel slide
Vast green spaces in the Landschaftspark
The water park
Cycling through the Landschaftspark
The climbing garden in the Möllerbunker
Flourishing meadows in the Landschaftspark
Viewing platform on furnace 5
Diving gasometer with a depth of 13 metres
A torchlight tour around the Landschaftspark
The 'crocodile' light installation

Events in the Landschaftspark

Traumzeit Festival
Halloween-Run in the Landschaftspark
Concert in the Gebläsehallenkomplex
Cultural event in the Landschaftspark
24-hours mountain bike race
Open air cinema in the Landschaftspark


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